What no one will tell you but you need to know about DARK WEB

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All about DARK WEB

The Internet, as you all know, has a wealth of information, videos, and images available on many websites. Thousands of websites are registered, web pages are written and published, every minute every day. All of this public is expected to be read, watched, or used by millions of users. However, the internet has layers. Below the social level, good looking websites, there is an unknown level. Here, anyone can send anything they want if they can get it. It is popularly known as Darknet.


What comes to your mind when you hear the word darknet?

Something spooky, something mysterious, or maybe something you don’t see. Yes, if you have such thoughts in your mind, you are right in some way. As the name suggests, Darknet is an online site inaccessible to standard search engines. The Internet contains many such websites (more than you can imagine) that are not accessible to the usual search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, and general browsing. This is called the Darknet.

Theoretically, the darknet is a fragment of a distributed, IP-based router that can be hosted on any popular or well-known services. The data or traffic that comes to or from such IP addresses is unpopular because it has no known administrators and is not available in any normal way.

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Use of Darknet

Darknet provides a secure connection site where social networking is unacceptable, unsafe, or illegal.
This is very helpful in identifying machines/networks infected with bugs or other malware software that are trying to distribute the same to other different networks.
The darknet is also used for system/network security tests.
Funds also find a questionable place in Darknet. For example Bitcoin, Litcoin, Namecoin, Ripple, Quark, NXT, Auroracoin, Dogecoin.
Peer-to-peer networks and personalized websites such as information are only available to faculty members and/or students, and corporate organizations (employees) are also part of the darknet.


How did it all start?

As the saying goes, “No one is born a criminal,” the name Darknet was originally coined in the late 1900s to connect with the vast majority of computer networks left behind in the ARPANET. This was done for security and performance purposes. These blacks were allowed to receive data and allow traffic from other networks but were not accessible and did not appear on the network list for others.

While the right reasons led to the creation of the Darknet, (such as secret intelligence operations and security purposes), it is now under the control of criminals and cybercriminals.


What led up to this dramatic incident?

Darknet users are not known, which means Keeping their anonymity a must, whatever content they are trying to see/send/receive. This anonymity or privacy has attracted the illegal part of it. Here they feel free to carry on their illegal business and express themselves without fear. As a result, it has become a heaven for drug and gun traffickers, human trafficking and fraud, crime and so on.

Hidden ID
Almost all Black Web sites hide their identity using the Tor encryption tool. It is one of the most popular software on the Internet to access the Darknet. It is an open function to maintain the anonymity of users online, where non-standard agreements with ports promote the sharing of information. Other popular darknets include Freenet and I2P.

Such networks are geographically segregated, traffic is transmitted through a widely distributed network of servers around the world, often hosted and maintained by volunteers. The complex network of routes makes it difficult to locate and identify contacts.

The black web, to work seamlessly and at the same time protect the anonymity of users on its network, uses a simple yet layered method called Onion Relays. Tor accepted the onion as their symbol because the onion layers are a perfect illustration of their crucifixion.

This not only hides communication messages but also the fact that information exchanges are possible.

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Onion transfer:

Layers also are known as transfers act as proxy servers. They simply forward the message to the next server on the router. However, what makes the onion transfer different is that they secretly record a small portion of the layers nailed to the onion.
There is no onion transfer alone that you can truly go further. Sets only the previous and next server location.
When a request is received by a darknet server, the website cannot parse the source. The only thing that sees the location of the transit past to the Tor network. The original computer then receives information on the onion transmission route.
As an added safety precaution, these onion transmission lines only last about ten minutes. After that, the routes melt and new ones are automatically generated on the user’s network.
In summary, the data transmitted through these black networks exceeds the encryption in the created layers. After discovery, the transfer of multiple onions to the Tor network eventually releases the data to the website you want.

Without all the protections, the darknet will never be fully visible. In October 2011, hacktivist group Anonymous broke the Tor darknet to remove a website hosting service called Freedom Hosting. It was home to more than forty child pornography sites.

Related Terms
Below are the same names as Darknet. However, in reality, they are various aspects of the concept.

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Let’s look at the differences between these words.

1. The Black Web
Now we already have a mental dab with Darknet. They are mainly those black (inaccessible) Internet spaces (websites). Don’t you think all these websites have to have links between them to build their black network?

Absolutely! This Black Web refers to these websites that exist on a private network and are encrypted and not accessible by traditional search engines. You cannot visit these websites with any standard browsers.

2. Deep Web
The deep web is that part of the Internet that Google or Yahoo does not identify.

The darknet is an anonymous private network and refuses to share IP addresses publicly. The collection of all such sites forms the Black Web, which is a subset of the Deep web. To access a page on the deep web, one has to click on a specific link that is already provided or that already knows the URL of the page you are looking for.

The connection between Deep Web and Darknet is the same as that of a square and a quadrilateral. As with all squares, it is four-sided, but not all quadrilateral can be square. In the same way, all Darknet websites are part of the deep web, but not all deep Darknet websites.

3. Dark Internet
Dark Internet (Lost Net or Greynet) is a collection of those who own a network on the Internet that is undoubtedly inaccessible to anyone. About 5% of the Internet e.g. Some 100 million strangers fall into this category.

A few examples of Darknet misuse/deception:

The Mubarak regime in Egypt shut down the Internet in that country in 2011. Political rebels then used the darknet to continue communicating with the rest of the world.
Notable comment boards on your favorite websites where a single post gets into the bloodstream (which may not be personal) and lead to a series of follow-ups from users.
Darknets for a specific purpose facilitate the illegal distribution of files, including copyrighted media, downloaded software, malware programs, and illegal content, such as child pornography.
Black-and-white markets sell all kinds of illegal assets anonymously with some currencies such as Bitcoins.
Trading stolen information on corporate websites and information (hacking) on the so-called Dark Market.
The conclusion
Inside the Deep Web, there is the Darknets’ Dark Web. Search engines do not identify these websites. This is only available on computers using separate software. This protects the absence of users.

The stars and the horror of unrestricted and unlimited speech without limits or respect for the law fill the darknet. It is fair to say that not everything in Darknet is so bad or so disruptive. As it is difficult to track users on these networks, it has become a place for free language and speech. It happens directly in countries where the internet is heavily regulated and restricted.

This includes risk-free sites such as educational information and commercial websites, as well as those with duplicate titles such as black markets, witch communities, hacking, and looting.

The pawn stuck between the innocent and the corrupt is Darknet.

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