Top 10 apps 2020 you must have

App developers are pushing the envelope on a daily basis trying to improve and enhance our smartphone experience. In fact, so many android apps come out every day. It’s quite difficult to keep track of them all. And that’s exactly, today we are going to show you 10 best android application for 2020 that you should definitely give it a try 

So let’s get started 

1. Super Wallpapers —  A set of 3d  interactive live wallpapers that offer an aerial view of earth /mars on the lock screen, but aesthetically zoom in to the surface upon unlocking. Now thanks to XDA developers, the super wallpaper app has been posted to other android devices. 

As a result, any android device running 8.1  or new can use this feature any trouble You just have to down, loaf the ported super wallpaper zip on your smartphone extract them, and install the apk file. now download the google wallpaper app from the play store and find the MIUI12 live wallpaper and apply them.

2. Facebook Gaming — Facebook gaming is facebook official competitor apps like youtube and twitch. It works a lot like youtube gaming used to work. The app is a portal to facebook’s video section, but cancel out everything except gaming.

Facebook gaming serves two purposes. Its a portal for viewers to find streamers and gaming videos, follow creators and engage with content. You can also use the app to live stream your gameplay. The app has few bugs here there. but it seems to generally work okay. 

3. Customized Pixel — Customized Pixel launcher is a second-generation pixel launcher. It is just like the pixel launcher with extra features. if you have been using other pixel launchers for a while then you will not find customized pixel launcher any different at first. But after using it for a while, you will notice that it is better. It is a smooth, lag-free, and has more customization features than any other launcher of its kind. CPL has all the features and customization options like home screen and app drawer grids, scrolling animation, widget padding, theming, options like icon pack support, adaptive icon, background, UI theme selection, tc. and it goes without saying that it also supports the google feed, at a glance widget and notification dot. 

However you will have to install the apk from GitHub, it has everything you can ask from a third-party launcher. The simplicity, smooth working, and everything mentioned above make CPL the best free launcher available on the play store.

4. Snap Search — Snap search is a simple browse style app with a focus on privacy and security. It’s mostly used for making quick web searches and lightly browsing the web. It’s not a full browser like chrome or firefox.

However, you can open it search for what you want, click the link, and browse. some of the app’s features include an ad-blocker, tracker blocker, and you can download web pages for offline use. There is also an integrated VPN service that costs $2.99 month for $19.99  per year if you choose to use it. 

5. Picnic Editor — Imagine that you have gone out to click some pictures of nature or any landscape that realize that the climate moody. the moody climate might work well with still photography but definitely not with the scape. This is where the Picnic photo filter app comes into play. Whether it is rainy or cloudy you can just go ahead and click the pictures because with the help of this application you can recreate the entire climate after the photo has been shot. No matter where you are, the picnic app can take you to a glorious morning Santorini or a dreamy sunset in Paris. The picnic apps give a natural and dynamic re-touch to the atmosphere and the background of your photos.

This photo editing app is very unique with all options on your fingertips. All you have to do is go outside and click a picture then bring it into the picnic app. And you can select from more than 20 editing styles. this app detects the edges perfectly and applies the filters only on the required areas which result in professional output. If you are into mobile photography this application is must try.

5. Dope Walls — Dopewalls is the next of our list of best wallpaper app. It offers you high-quality wallpapers that perfectly suit your device. The app provides superhero wallpapers which will give a lively look to your home screen.

The app is available on android and is available at free of cost. Different categories are available to match the needs of every kind of user.

6. Retro Music Player — Online media streaming platforms are on the rage right now. Apps like Spotify, ganna music, and many other online media streaming platforms did gain a lot of popularity in recent times.

Which made the users shift to the online music world completely. But still, here are a lot of people who prefer to download music and listen offline. If you are one of them, the Retro music player is beautifully designed and organized your music neatly laid out album wise. Unlike the other offline players, Here you will have total control over the theming and customization. You can also choose between the white, dark, and AMOLED interface of the application. Moreover, you can set your favorite accent color from the inbuilt color pallette.

Other features include the home screen and lock screen widgets, sleep timer, inbuilt equalizer. and 30 language support. 

7. Microsoft Math Solver — In this lockdown time, are you preparing for your exams from home? Are you unable to solve any mathematical and looking for possible solutions online? Then, the maths solver from Microsoft is definitely for you. You can get solutions for any equations or problems within seconds. You can either scan or write your equations in the app and that’s all. The app gives you the correct answer that too with all the possible solutions within a minute or two.

Microsoft maths solver applications provide help with a variety of problems including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and other problems using AI-driven. 

8. Bundled Notes — Bundled notes is a new to-do app that offers robust organization. The theme is slick, and there are plenty of ions already available. So while you can easily sync all your notes. The lack of web app integration means you will have to grab your phone every time you want to edit your notes.

9. Via Browser — Via browser is one of the fastest and lightest among all the browsers in the store. With a size of around 1Mb, it loads the webpages pretty fast, faster than chrome we would say. There’s also an in-built AD blocker, which makes this browser stand out. It also has every nifty feature that you’d expect a browser to have. 

10. Afterlight — Afterlight is a simple yet powerful photo editor with no ads. The UI is nice and easy to use. There are tools, filters, textures, cropping tools, and frames. You can also share it easily with the share option as soon as you’re done editing the photo. Overall you are getting a feature-rich photo-editor, Which does what it is supposed to do well.

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