The rarest website you didn’t know existed

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There is a lot of amazing website on the internet. In this post, we will be showing you 10 amazing websites you probably have never seen. So let’s begin…

1. 10-minute mail As the name suggests you only have this email address for 10 minutes. It comes in handy when you need an email address for subscriptions or any other purpose where they require an email address. This can eliminate more spamming your everyday email accounts. All of your email and your email address will self destruct in 10 minutes. So all you do is just go over here and click on it to copy to your clipboard. If you need more minutes you can click to the minute section and it starts this timer all over again. 

2. Fake Name Generator — Some times we need a whole identity. So you just go on here to change your gender, your name set, and your country also. You can just click on generate. You can give your details as per your wish and you will get your identity as per your wish. You can get your credit card details, employee, finance, etc. You can also get tracking numbers.

3. Madeon’s Adventure Machine — This amazing site lets you create an electronic beat track with just a few clicks. There are three colors. First, you will have to click on blue ones. Then select a red one and then a green one. So blue is the main base and then you can give effects by choosing a red and green one. so it is that easy you can just make your own beat as per your wish and can use it at your Instagram, youtube, or at any other platform. 

It all depends upon your own creativity that how good is your music knowledge and how you create your beat…

4. camelcamelcamel — If you consistently shop on amazon then you may have heard this site or visited this website. If no is your answer then no issue. We will be going through this. 

This website shows you the price history of anything on amazon  If you signup it will send you alerts when there is a price drop. So it is really simple. You can use it by just entering a keyword or can use Amazon URL. For the Amazon URL just go to the page of the product that you are interested in purchasing. Copy the URL and go back to the website and just paste it down. Then it will show you the price history with graphs and charts by which you will be able to understand that at which duration you will get the drop-in price to buy the product. In this way, you will get the best deal. 

5. Hackertyper —If you want to play a prank on your friends to make them think you are some kind of Super Hacker with amazing typing speed then check out this site all you have to do is Open up the site and just hit any of the keys on your keyboard.

The site will show you predefined codes. When you type enough code just hold down the alt key on your keyboard and you will get the message access with beautiful graphics which seems that you are doing some kind of cool things and you have cracked some codes.

6. Everest3d — If you love trekking then this app will help you by getting trekking guide. Basically it is a guide for Everest Climber but you can learn tips and tricks of trekking, climbing hills, etc. 

3D RealityMaps’ “Mount Everest 3D” contains the world’s highest resolution 3D map of the tallest mountain on Earth, available directly on your smartphone or tablet. Derived from DigitalGlobe’s unique WorldView2 satellite imagery, these maps construct landscapes of such fine detail that they depict surroundings exactly as they appear in real life. So by this, you will be to able find yourself and where to go. It is also available in basic and pro versions. So if you planning to conquer Everest then this will surely help you.

7. Down For Everyone or Just Me — Sometimes when we can’t connect to a website it is just showing to you and not for everyone else. This site lets you check that out.

Just enter the URL and hit enter. By this, it will give you information that accepts you everyone is using it or not. This website can check any URL like if the server is down for any website then it will tell this also. By this, you can save your time. 

8. Account Killer — This shows you how to close any social media account forever. So if you want to shut down your Facebook account just click on delete Facebook account and it shows you the steps right there. By which you will be able to find how to delete your Facebook account and you can follow the steps and according to that you can proceed.

9. Project Alexandria — Sometimes it can be difficult finding a good book. Reading this website is my recommendation for book lovers. You can search a book by title and author name. It will give you up to 5 recommendations. You can go through the above link and try it out to get the best book suggestion for you to upgrade yourself.

10. A Good Movie To Watch If you spend a lot of time trying to find a good movie. This site might be able to help you out. So it’s really simple you just have to click on random on Netflix at homepage of the website. And that’s it it will show you the best movie. It also shows you who recommended it by which you can also comment on them and chat about the movie. Or you can just click on Netflix and will show you several movies. based on your interest. 

So that’s it I hope this post was useful for you and if you feel that this post was worthy and you want more posts like this then make sure to comment on us and give us feedback. 

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