The night vision technology is one of the well improvised advanced methods that help to provide users with the perfect viewing of targeted objects even in the total dark conditions. It helps to improve the vision in the low light state.

Whether by biological or technical means, night vision is made possible by a combination of two approaches :
1. Sufficient spectral range
2. Sufficient intensity range

Night vision technologies can be broadly divided into three main categories: image intensification, active illumination, and thermal imaging.

night vision

1. Image Intensification
Image intensification is a complex conversion of energy particles that occurs within a vacuum tube.
An image intensifier or image intensifier tube is a vacuum tube device for increasing the intensity of available light in an optical system to allow use under low-light conditions, such as at night, to facilitate visual imaging of low-light processes, such as fluorescence of materials in X-rays or gamma rays, or for conversion of non-visible light sources such as near-infrared or short wave infrared to visible.

2. Active Illumination
The active illumination is used in the night vision devices such that it is more sensitive to unseen objects placed near the infrared radiation, which effectively combines with the infrared illuminator.
When the active illumination technology combines with the image intensification technology, it creates an active source of illumination in the near infrared band.

3. Thermal Imaging
Thermal imaging is a method of improving visibility of objects in a dark environment by detecting the objects’ infrared radiation and creating an image based on that information.
Like near-infrared illumination, thermal imaging can penetrate obscurants such as smoke, fog and haze.



Applications of night vision technology :
⏺️ Military purpose, to locate enemies at night
⏺️ Navigation
⏺️ Used for surveillance purpose, by police and security departments
⏺️ Targeting
⏺️ Law enforcement
⏺️ Wildlife observation
⏺️ Hidden object detection

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