How to make an AI assistant using python like Google assistant

Hello Everybody, Myself Gaurang Sharma. I really thank my

senior and mentor, Abhishek to let me post here. So we will be talking about
pyttsx3 of python in this post. So basically Python text to speech we are
currently discussing is by Microsoft and there are few voices provided by
pyttsx3 such as:

       1. Microsoft David (US)

       2. Microsoft Mark (US)

       3. Microsoft Zira (US)

       4. Microsoft Ravi (India)

        5. Microsoft Heera (India)

All these voices are by Microsoft, so basically you can use
these voices in your python program. So let’s go step by step:

Add pip as environment variable (do run it dry
on cmd if not recognized then only add it as environment variable.) –

  • Go to file location of python in your personal computer
  • Check it has pip named python file

  • Copy the file path (don’t add file name in it)
  • Right click on This PC (My Computer for older PCs) and go to advanced system settings the just click on environment variable. Then Add by any name py or pip. I’m doing by name of pip.
  • Ok now run command in cmd (in Administrator) as “pip install pyttsx3”

    Installed in my case if all steps are done correctly you will end up with message saying that pyttsx3 successfully installed. 

Next post based on this will be posted later.

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