How to get started on GAME DEVELOPMENT

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Playing video games and building video games are two different things. You might know some basics on

How to get started on GAME DEVELOPMENT  –


but if you really want to start your career as a game developer then you must read to the end. By which you will be able to understand what is actually game development and how can we start it?

Playing video games is interesting and fun but to develop a video game is harder than that. I hope you all know this already. To build a video game you must know about art, animation, physics, mathematics, shadows, etc. accept this there are so many things you have to learn if you are willing to develop a game of your own.

Game development is a huge field or we can say that this is the hybrid tree that contains so many branches in it. Or if you are working in a company then you can focus on any of the specific fields of game development like on focusing 3d anyone can become 3d artist, by 2d anyone can become 2d artist, by programming anyone can become programmer only if you are working in a company.

If you are an individual and want to develop a game of your own. For this, you have to do all things individually like creating the idea, mechanisms, gameplay, literally everything you have to do on its own. Which means you have to learn a lot to develop a game. In starting this may be frustrating and may create a lot of trouble like if we want to learn all these stuff then where should we focus or from where we should start our journey of developing a game.


So in this, we are going to go through that what you have to learn to become a game developer.

The quality of video game depends on its resources. The best of your resources have the best will be the game. And if you are going to develop a game individually then your main resource of the game will be only an only YOU.

You have to use your knowledge to build a game. And every individual has some skills on its own and may vary the skill level. You may be a programmer, artist, or you may be a student.

If you are a programmer then game development may be easy for them but if you are not a programmer, and you are a student and you have never done programming in life then you have to learn to program because programming is having a key role in game development. Like to build gameplay, AI, or if you are going to build some multiplayer game then you must know to program first. This means in short programming is the main thing that you have to learn to develop a game.

So at first start to learn some programming languages but then the question arises that which programming we should learn.

You can learn any of the programming languages but the only thing you have to keep in mind will be you should learn OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING language. Because only in this type of language we can use oop’s concept which connects the world to real life.



So you can learn any language like JAVA, C++, C#, and if you learn any one of the programming languages then if you want to learn any other language it will be easier for you to learn the language. After all basics of the programming language are the same for every language like arrays, strings, classes, enums, inheritance, etc.

If you are following tutorials of game development then, believe me, you have to know the programming language then also to understand what is going on in the tutorial.

Next, as you all know that you have to use a game engine to build a game. We can get more than a bundle of good game engines on the internet but in this era, the best game engine is Unreal engine and Unity engine so you can use any of them. My recommendation on the game engine will be you should use the Unity game engine. Because you may have to pay for an unreal engine and for that you have to buy 5% loyalty of the game engine. Indirectly unreal will paid software. You may have to use unreal when you will launch the game and publish it in the market but before that, your game should be a working prototype for that you have use unity. So better will be using Unity by this you can build games also can publish it in the market. In unity, there are so many games that are built and published like a dead trigger, Alto Odyssey, Crossy Road, etc.

This means the Unity game engine is also modified for mobile games. It also contains a lot of features for mobile games. So in starting to try to learn unity game engine learn its interface, features. Gain some knowledge on every detail and limitations of Unity game engine like how to add player, how to do animation is it, how to make a scene, how to build UI of the game etc.

And then if you want to create enemies in it and want to add some AI in it then as I mentioned earlier you should know Programming. The unity game engine supports the C# language. This means you should have to gain knowledge of the C# language to do programming. the good you programming knows the better will be the game. So try to learn the game programming as well as possible. But game programming may be huge so it may create some problems while learning it. So if you are willing to learn its basics then go through our courses.

Now to build games you may require game Assets. So what is game assets? It is basic models or any object that you have to use it in-game. Assets are available on the internet for free by there you can download it and can use it in-game.

game 1


You have to use audio files to use it in-game so for audio, you can go through Freesound’s website from there we can get every type of audio that we need in our game development. In starting to try to build some small games like flappy bird. because when we build the game we have to clear a lot of concepts like how to use a game engine, How to use assets in-game, How to add shadows in the objects. And one more thing don’t do the mistake that I have done in my journey DON’T TRY TO BUILD A LOT OF GAMES IN SMALL TIME.


So try to use and understand Unity and try to build a game on your own by which you will be able to understand the basics of it. That’s all for this post.\


Is game development a good career?

David Mullich, video game designer, producer and instructor. Video game programming is a great career choice if you are skilled programmer who is passionate about making video games. ... Bottom line: you should work in the game industry because it is your calling, not because it is the most rational career choice.

Is C++ good for game development?

Since C++ is a high-level language that will teach you the basics of object-oriented programming, it's a good idea to learn it. It's also the language used to build most big console and Windows games. C++ is complemented by C in these games, and assembly languages for creating low-level engine modules.

What code do video games use?

The two most common languages for game designers to learn are C++ and Java, although other languages are popular (such as C# for Unity). Another type of programming you may hear referred to is scripting, but that essentially comes down to a type of systems programming.

How much money do game designers make a year?

35 hours Games designers work around 35 hours a week, but they may need to work longer hours as deadlines approach. They work in offices and spend long periods sitting at a desk using a computer or attending meetings.

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