How to develop PERSONALITY within 21 days?

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What exactly is Personality ?

We often hear it said, “You have a beautiful personality” or “What a personality you have!” Personality is common thoughts, behaviors, and feelings associated with each individual. It is the way a person attracts others with his words and deeds.Developing personality within 21 days  improve his personality if he has a purpose in mind and firmly decides to improve himself in all aspects of life inside and out.

Human development is not particularly rocket science. This can be gradually improved over time. The little things you do or try to do can have a profound effect on your life. It’s all about how you decide how you want others to see you. For better understanding, the simple steps that can be followed for a while are shown below to improve your personality in the short term.

Day 1: Find Yourself

We all wonder at one time or another, what we are, or who we are. Of course, if you can find the answer to this, half the barrier has crossed. You have to analyze yourself, what you like. When you start doing the things you love, you will start to feel good all around.

find yourself


People who see you, who do not know you, who informs you of your work, and many other things begin to happen to you. Instead of living or doing things according to the choices of others, you can be honored with what you can do, no matter how bizarre. After all, you have skills in that, so you can bring out the best! Analyze what you enjoy, personally and professionally, and you will begin to feel the difference when you start doing the things you love most.

Day 2: See Others

There is no better way to understand than to look. Everyone has good and bad things in them. When you are attracted to someone, find out what qualities drew you to him, his good qualities, and the love of others. These things will give you the power to get good qualities from the person you meet and you can apply those good qualities to yourself. The better qualities you have, the better your personality.

see others


Day 3: Be Courageous and Ready to Test

To get the most out of you, always ask yourself where you are today. If you feel you can’t find the right answer, then analyze when you made a mistake or what prevented you from getting what you wanted. We all develop a comfortable environment, either at home or work, and stick to it. Try breaking that place. Get out; check your life expectancy. It’s more fun and exciting to do what you desire than to be overwhelmed by the shield that limits you to what you are. Meet people, do amazing things, and be strong in what you do. Take your time, but do it, that’s what matters.



Day 4: Love yourself

Have you congratulated yourself on something good? If you have not already done so, start immediately. There is no better feeling than compliments you when something really good is done and you know it very well.


love yourself

Praise always has a positive effect too if you do it for yourself; you know you DID IT! A pat on the back makes you feel happy and happy and helps you draw closer to other people. Don’t forget, even you are admirable and lovable.

Day 5: Accept Errors

We are all human beings, and people make mistakes. Accept the fact that no one is perfect, including you. Acknowledging one’s mistakes is a major step toward developing one’s personality. Trying to be a perfect fit can have a detrimental effect on you and others.

accept errors


Day 6: Live Your Life

Every moment is important to live, just as all deeds are counted. If you spend time on the right thing for yourself and others, you can tell others about your success stories and this can boost your self-confidence. Stop worrying about failure. Failure is only when you understand how you can get better.

live your life


Do not allow yourself to be distracted by television or a game that does not help you, but rather just makes you feel tired and discouraged. As you begin to climb and live life the way you do, you begin to attract more and more self-sacrifice.

Day 7: Choose people who have hope

We are not our thoughts and actions, but we are influenced by other people we meet in life. Always try to have people who see the good in life and who are ready to be with you and help build. Never have people who are always skeptical and hopeless in life, they will burden you with doubts about you and never get there.



Day 8: Expand your Horizon

If you want others to see you as interested, you too must be one. Getting information is the best way. The information is powerful and very interesting as well. Develop the habit of getting more details. It can be anything you like. Read books, articles, social media, and all sorts of ways to get information and develop information that ultimately makes you a more interesting person to be with.

exapnd horizon


Day 9: Be Yourself

Never pretend to be someone you are not. People hate being deceived and should know that they can easily understand whether you are real or undercover. People appreciate you for who you are and not who you are. There is a big difference between the two. No matter what, when you become what you are, you will be accepted. So, develop a good personality, so you don’t have to show off.



Day 10: Learn New

Don’t try it. Your brain is like a huge sponge that absorbs and absorbs more energy. Check things out in life. Never underestimate the growth potential. Learn something new, develop a new hobby, open an unfamiliar book, etc. And you can see the potential and the unexpected in you. It refreshes you and opens a new beginning for you.



Day 11: Have a Positive Attitude

What do you think you would like to be like, people who are funny and well-mannered or have persistent complaint boxes? In the same way, if you are a person who is always open-minded, you will never be attracted to people. We all have problems in life and we have to deal with them.

positive attitude


So there is no point in meditating on them. Instead, make a habit of always having a positive attitude, always having fun, and making your friends laugh. You will be welcomed wholeheartedly at all parties.


Day 12: Set a good example in life

We are all influenced by one person or another. And the reason we are influenced is that we love their personality. Watching them, taking advice from them, and getting answers from them when there are problems are some of the ways to improve their personality.


Day 13: Belief in You
Self-doubt is the same as disappointment in every way. Be confident. Trust IN YOU, that you will be able to accomplish it. Keep saying that to yourself and you can see the difference in attitude. What you want to achieve can be achieved only by believing in yourself.


Day 14: Show Confidence

Too often, people confuse personality with appearance. Personality does not mean being smart and looking good. It’s just straightforward and simple. Self-confidence in your eyes, firmness of voice, and body language are all important for the right kind of personality.

Day 15: Variety is Spice of Life

Following a normal self-improvement pattern will gradually bother you. Combine your daily routines, bring variety, add spices to life.


Day 16: Don’t shout

In public, too much noise is disgusting and irritating. You need to know how and when to speak. Morality is an important factor in your personality. Speak softly, but firmly that shows confidence in you.


Day 17: Know the Time of Argument

Sometimes you may have differences of opinion on the matter, which does not mean that you are the only one who is right and the other person is wrong. Accept their views, if they are right. You can go wrong sometimes. People can respect you with understanding rather than trying to force your views, even if they are wrong.


Day 18: Be there with others.

At times, the “friends” or others close to you may be in dire straits. Protect them, and they will be filled with gratitude for the rest of their lives. This shows that you care about them and that you will be there for them in difficult times. This creates a good feeling and you will be helped again when you need it.

love yourself

Day 19: Body Language

Body language is one factor in which you are tested without much effort on the part of others. Look into your eyes when you speak, that shows your confidence. Never speak looking to the feet. Stand tall, never lick. Give a firm hand, holding your head up. Keep a good smile, it doesn’t cost anything, but it’s worth it.


Day 20: Encourage

Encouraging yourself and others is an excellent tool for developing personal qualities. It creates beautiful ripple around you and others and the impact you make is just as fun.


Day 21: Make a trademark of yourself

If you are unique and unique in a unique way, people will remember you even if they only met you once. Leaving a trademark is the best way to compliment yourself on all the beautiful vibes you capture and own a good personality.

By following these simple steps in your daily activities, you can see the change it brings to you and to everyone you meet. You will be seen, respected, appreciated, and set an example for someone else !!! When you help others to improve, you help yourself to become a better person.


We, humans, can shape our personality as we would like. When we improve ourselves, with all the good habits, we help not only ourselves but also others.

Hopefully, with this simple article, I can help those on the walls to develop a positive personality without being overly visible or to those who do not like to talk about it. Use it and see the difference in you.


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