Black holes

Black holes are one of the strangest things in existence. They don’t seem to make any sense at all. Where do they come from and is there any classification of black holes?


Stars are an incredibly massive collection of mostly Hydrogen atoms, that collapsed to form an enormous gas cloud known as nebulae under their own gravity. Atoms of star fuse together to form higher elements. The core of star gets dense with time passes until they reach iron. The process continues and gravity increases rapidly. Suddenly after a critical amount the core collapses within a fraction of a second a star implodes, feeding even more mass into the core. Then star dies in supernova explosion forming either a neutron star or a black hole.


The boundary of the black hone is known as the event horizon. This is the only thing in the black hole that can be seen. Whatever lies inside this boundary needs to be faster than the speed of light in order to escape from it. Also, this is the reason that black hole appears black, not even light can escape through it.


1.  Stellar Mass Black Holes:-

These are the most common. They form from stars 10-20 times more massive than our sun. 


2. Super Massive Black Holes:-

Most of these have a mass of more than 1,000,000 suns. These ones exist at the center of the galaxy and every solar system revolves around these super Massive black holes.



3.  Intermediate Black Holes:-

These have a mass between Stellar and Supermassive black holes. These may form when the oldest star in the universe dies or when two or more stars or black holes collide.


4. Miniature Black Holes:-

These exist in only theories for now. These could be wide as an atomic particle but have the mass the same as Mt. Everest. 



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