Best tips to improve your personality.

What exactly is personality?

We all frequently say that he or she has a good personality or what a personality he or she has. The personality is the typical pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaviors that make a person unique. When we see that someone has a good personality. We mean that they are likable, interesting, pleasant to be with. 


Everyone wants to be attractive to others. To that end having=g a good personality is vital and probably even more. So damn good looks. According to Dale Carnegie, approximately 85% of your success and happiness will be a result of how well you interact with others. Ultimately it is your personality that determines that the people are attracted to you or shy away from you.



Here are 5 things that you can do in your daily life to improve your personal development 


1. Become a better listener — Nature gave us one tongue and two ears. So we could hear twice as much as we speak. Many may not listen that well because they think they don’t get much out of it personally. But the better yo listen the better they will listen to you. And the better and best relationship will be. 


If you focus on understanding him or her and on giving value based on that will get the same thing back. There is nothing more appealing than having someone listen to you to make you feel like you are the only person in the world looking, everyone. 


2. Think positive thoughts both about yourself and others — The power of positive thinking is a popular concept and sometimes it can feel little clashing. whether the physical and mental benefits of positive thinking have been demonstrated by multiple scientific studies. The power of positive thinking has a basis in physics since everything is energy and everything has a specific vibration and like attracts like the quality of your thoughts can’t help but attracts to best and similar vibrations which will help you to succeed. 


You may argue that vibrations of your environment circumstances affect your vibe that’s true but only if you allow to do it. See the high vibrations of love and happiness have far more power than the low vibrations of feel and negativity. Choosing to think more positively will not help you in control of your life and make your everyday experiences more pleasant. But it can also benefit your mental and physical health as well as your ability to deal with change. 



Positive thinking gives you more confidence to improve your mood even reduce the likelihood of developing conditions such as hypotension, depression, and other stress-related disorders. 


3. Read More — Read something every day — Continuous learning something new every day is one of the most important things for not only remaining productive but for growing yourself as human beings as well. Warren Buffet the man commonly referred to as the greatest investor of the 20th century was standing in front of 165 wide-eyed students from Columbia University.


One of the students raised his hands and asked Buffet for his thoughts on the best way to prepare for an investing career. After thinking for a moment Warren pulled out a stack of peoples and track reposts that he had brought with him. And said read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works build up like compound interest you all can do it but I guarantee that many of you will not do it. 


Buffet estimates that 85% of his working hours are spent reading or thinking. It’s enough to make you ask that Am I reading enough books? When we read, We are practicing the idea of having a growth mindset. We are learning new ideas. We are connecting old ideas to new ideas and updating our ability an interpretation of what goes in the world. 


This translates into our ability to do things better to form more solid connections between concepts and knowledge.



4. Believe in yourself — Self-confidence can be learned practice and master just like any other skill. Once you master everything in your life change your pattern. Don’t wait to be everything be just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges and up and downs, obstacles to get perfect conditions. 


So what gets started now with each step you take you will grow better and stronger. More and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.


5. Never give up — Winners never quit and quitters never win. If you have a dream don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone until you make it a reality. We feel like giving up at some point in our life. Sometimes we give up even before we start at other times most crucially pretend to give up just before we are about to make a huge breakthrough. But we should realize that our hardest times of our nearest are the greatest movements of our lives. Keep going it should be our mantra. Tough situations will make people tough in the end. We should not be a failure but rather we are not trying.



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